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    Independent Youth Football League

    Winners abound from every team every year!! Get your young man involved in a league that allows his true athletic and academic abilities to flourish

    Welcome To The IYFL

    Welcome to The Independent Youth Football League's (IYFL) web site, the premier football & cheerleading league in Central Arkansas.

    The IYFL is the oldest 11-man tackle football program in Central Arkansas. The league is maintained by volunteer coaches, parents, cheerleader sponsors, and businesses throughout Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Jacksonville dedicated to the enrichment and fulfillment of young men and women through athletic participation.

    There are over 2,000 youth participating in the IYFL annually. This year, we've added 1 new team to the IYFL -- the North Pulaski Ducks. We would like to think that by their involvement in learning the sport of football and the art of cheerleading, the children will strive to become good citizens and future leaders in our community. The IYFL exists for children, not so adults can inflate their egos with unethical sporting practices and opinions.

    The IYFL's main goal is to build good, strong, upstanding youth, who are fit both physically and mentally. Through football and cheerleading, we give these young people a fun and wholesome alternative to drugs, alcohol, gang involvement, and crime.

    League commissionership rotates each year to a different team's head administrator. If you are unsure who that person is, please feel free to contact the Organization Head Administrator, head coach or sponsor of the team which your child will be participating.

    The IYFL promotes fairness and sportsmanship at every level of participation and encourages parents, fans, coaches and players themselves to report any and all instances in which those characteristics are not practiced.

    If there is information that is not on this web site or information that you would like to see on this web site, please feel free to contact the league webmaster. You can e-mail him by clicking on the name in the bottom left corner of this screen.

    Congratulations to our 2016 IYFL Super Bowl Champions:
    5-6 Flag Super Bowl Champions: Arkansas Cardinals
    7-8 Tackkle Super Bowl Champions: C & A Wolfpack
    9-10 Tackle Super Bowl Champions: NLR Wildcats
    11-12 Tackle Super Bowl Champions: C & A Wolfpack

    2017 IYFL Commissionership: Southwest Saints

    Commissionership Rotation
    2018: Arkansas Cardinals
    2019: NLR Panthers
    2020: NLR Wildcats
    2021: C & A Wolfpack
    2022: Parkview Mustangs
    2023: Jacksonville Mighty Vikings